Animated Summaries of Bible Books


the Bible Project: Bible Study Series

The Bible Project

This book-of-the-Bible study series uses animated videos created by The Bible Project to provide helpful background and context on what you're reading, as well as a daily reading plan and discussion materials created by North Point Ministries.

This series is designed to encourage daily Scripture reading, augmented by the opportunity to discuss what you're reading in community so that you can best apply God's wisdom in your own life.


WHAT IS THE BIBLE? (one–week study)

In this one-week study, you'll be introduced to a condensed history of how the Bible came into existence and the different forms of the Bible in the Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant Christian traditions.

If you haven't done this study in your group, we recommend doing this one first before any of the ones below.


Old Testament

RUTH (one–week study)

Ruth is a story about God and how he restores those who look to him with hope. It's about God's faithfulness, and it contributes to the overall covenant storyline that unifies the entire Bible. The author has gone to great care to honor Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz through the development of their characters in the story.

The story provides an essential connection between two time periods in the life of the nation of Israel: a very difficult and unstable time when the land was sporadically governed by a series of judges, and an era where kings (with an emphasis on King David) were the rulers of God’s people. The story of Ruth helps make the transition between these two eras.


ESTHER (one–week study)

The book of Esther is a fast-moving narrative of events that took place during the reign of a Persian king, Xerxes. The story relates the intrigues and adventures that took place in Xerxes' court as a Jewish exile named Esther was elevated to queen and, with her cousin and guardian Mordecai, worked to rescue their people from a plot to destroy them.


New Testament

LUKE (TWO–week study)

In the Old Testament, God promised to use the nation of Israel to one day produce a king who would help restore a right relationship between God and people. Early in the book of Luke, the writer begins to make the case that Jesus is the king they have been hoping for over the centuries.

Luke describes how Jesus launches his ministry of good news for the poor and how he brought together people from very diverse backgrounds to live together in peace. Luke also documents Jesus's long trip to Jerusalem, mentioning increasing conflict with Israel’s religious leaders along the way. Toward the end of this book, we read that Jesus explains to his disciples that God's plan was always for a suffering Christ to conquer evil through his death and resurrection.


ACTS (TWO–week study)

The book of Acts is actually the second volume of Luke's written account of the history of the Christian movement. In his first volume, Luke tells the beginning of his story by describing the life and ministry of Jesus. The book of Acts continues the narrative with Jesus' commissioning of the disciples and then traces the development of the early church.

Acts tell the story of how God invited first the Jewish people, and then the people of all nations, to follow Jesus.