Landing: The Last Four Months of Your Group


The immediate goal of every group is to create an environment where people can grow spiritually. But every group has a broader goal too: making space for other people to enter into community. As people grow, it's important that they have the opportunity to influence others. That can't happen if a group stays closed off. Multiplying your group isn't always easy, but it's important. The trick is ending your group well, so everyone carries positive experiences and momentum into future groups.

Here are three things you can do to end well and set your group up for successful multiplication:

1. Talk About "It" Good groups will never want to end (or even talk about it), but you can’t end well without talking about it.

  • Remind your group that you're nearing the end.
  • Plan your calendar so you can end with celebration, encouragement, and fun.

2. Discuss Next Steps The group’s end is a perfect time to intentionally encourage and challenge each other.

  • Speak into one another's lives.
  • Present opportunities for future connection or leadership; urge people toward a commitment.

3. Celebrate Successes If we value spiritual growth, we need to identify and celebrate it.

  • Celebrate the growth you've experienced as a group.
  • Remember what you've shared together.

A lot of times, groups aren't excited about multiplying. It can be challenging on an emotional level. But a group that does it well increases its influence exponentially — both through the continued growth of its members and by inviting others into life-changing community.