Never Stop Asking Questions

Photo by  Joseph Rosales  on  Unsplash

Curiosity is an essential part of the leader posture. It has the power, like nothing else, to help you connect deeply with your group members and encourage them to grow. In terms of how it influences the group dynamic, curiosity means being deeply interested in your group members and allowing that interest to drive how you interact with them.


  • Is the opposite of judgment.

  • Keeps your mind active.

  • Sees possibilities instead of problems.

  • Connects you to the people and the world around you.

  • Builds empathy (for example, you change your mind about people when you’ve heard their stories; you’ll hear people’s stories, if you ask questions).

  • Is an intentional posture that helps you navigate the tensions between truth and

    grace, sacrifice and mercy.

Practicing curiosity is simple, but it takes practice. All you have to do is spend more time asking questions than you do offering your opinion or perspective.

If you want to get really practical about being a curious leader, check out this video, called "Asking Good Questions":