Always Be a Learner

Photo by  JJ Thompson  on  Unsplash

Photo by JJ Thompson on Unsplash

Great leaders aren't focused on teaching others. They're focused on continual learning and growth. They want the people they lead to experience the same kind of growth they're experiencing.

The best leaders are teachable. If you want to be a teachable leader, focus on three areas:

  1. What God can teach you. If you're going to lead others toward spiritual growth, you need to stay connected to your heavenly Father. That kind of connections means you're always open to growing in and learning through your relationship with God. It means that you acknowledge you don't have God all figured out. There is always room to learn more about him — both from Scripture and in trusting him daily with the circumstances of your life.
  2. What your group members can teach you. Leading a group isn't about downloading all of your Bible knowledge and Christian experience to your group members. It's fundamentally relational. That means that if you want your group members to learn from you, you have to be willing to learn from them. None of us has all of the answers. Sometimes the most seasoned believers can be taught by the fresh perspective offered by newer Christians.
  3. What non-believers can teach you. This may seem like an odd thing to emphasize, but it's important. Even if a person doesn't believe in God, they may have a perspective on culture, human nature, or even faith that can benefit from you. Think about it: when you were in school, you probably didn't agree with everything your teachers said or did. But that doesn't mean they had nothing to offer.

Teachable leaders are aware of their own room for growth. That awareness makes them better equipped to help others grow.

If you want to put teachability into practice, decide whether you would most benefit from an increased focus on learning from God, your group members, or those outside the faith. And then be intentional about seeking knowledge in that area.