7-session video curriculum

Is the pressure of manhood smothering sometimes? Do the mixed messages you get from culture only intensify your confusion? Is being a real man defined as having a perfect family, a corner office, a fat salary, a luxury automobile, and a sprawling home?

Or is there something more to this life, a deeper source of satisfaction?

Where am I?
From where have I come?
Who am I?
Why am I here?
Where am I going?
What about women?
Who can I trust?

The Bible says some surprising things about being a man. Over the next four weeks, you’ll be introduced to seven questions that rattle in the minds of most men. Join John Woodall for a live environment where you’ll have some great conversations, make important connections, and become a better man.

Completing this Study as a Group

  1. Download the (7) Guide. Each person should have his or her own copy of the guide.
  2. Watch the videos online or via the (7) DVD.
  3. Discuss the video as a group using the (7) Guide.

General Leader Tips

If you find yourself as the lead facilitator of the discussion questions, here are three things to consider:


It is the ideas of everyone in the group that make a group meeting successful. Your role as the leader is to create an environment in which people feel safe to share their thoughts.


While you want to leave space for group members to think through the discussion, make sure the conversation is contributing to the topic being discussed that session. Don’t let it veer off on tangents. Go with the flow, but be ready to nudge the conversation in the right direction when necessary.


This is the most important thing you can do as a leader and as a group. Pray that God is not only present at your group meetings, but that he is directing them.

About the Communicator: John Woodall


Leader Videos

Thank you for leading (7) and for being a part of helping men experience community.

To help you lead effectively and make the most of every group meeting, John Woodall has put together these weekly leader tools.

Session 1 Notes

Session 2: What's My Story?

Session 2 Notes

Session 3: Who Am I?

Session 3 Notes

Session 4: Why Am I Here?

Session 4 Notes

Session 5: Where Am I Going?

Session 5 Notes

Session 6: What About Women?

Session 6 Notes

Session 7: Who Can I Trust?

Session 7 Notes

Other Resources

Additional Resources for Session 6Session 6: What About Women? can be challenging for a lot of men. We've put together a list of resources for those looking for some more intensive help in this area.

Life Map Exercise This is a great tool for better understanding your story. It helps you to identify the high, low, and in-between points in your life and to think through the significance of those events in your story.

The Qualities and Responsibilities of a (7) Leader This is printable card is a helpful reminder of what you bring to your group each session. Thank you again for serving other men.