Just Grad Groups curriculum guide

The following studies (displayed by topic) come highly recommended by our "Just-grad" groups team. Some of the studies are specifically for graduates. All are studies our just grad groups have found helpful and interesting. 

At the bottom of this page, you'll find tips and suggestions for leading your group following the curriculum suggestions.

Recommend resources by category


Purpose / Identity


Spiritual Growth & Practices

Personal Growth

Relationships & Marriage

Books of the Bible

These free PDF resources developed by North Point Ministries will help you facilitate practical, topic-based discussions about the Bible in your group.

One-Session Resources

In between studies? Select one of our one-week studies as a way to engage with your group on important topics like giving, serving, and investing in those who don’t know Christ as well as to understand each other’s personalities, spiritual gifts, or spiritual pathways.

Ending Well

How your group ends matters. It will shape how you view the entire experience. That's why we created a two-session resource to help you end well. We recommend that you do the first session 6 to 8 weeks before you end your group. After that, lead your group through a study of your own choosing, and then come back to do Session Two of Ending Well as a way of celebrating your group as it comes to an end. 

Leader Tips

60 Seconds on... Leading Well

Tips on Choosing Studies

  • Shorter studies are better (6 weeks or fewer).
  • Do a study based on “felt need” early on (related to how to be/have a better ______).
  • Work in a study about spiritual growth or relational boundaries at least once during each year the group is together.
  • Try a book or study of the Bible at least once during each year the group is together.
  • Pick two studies back-to-back that flow well from one to the other,
  • Consider:  “Now that I’ve heard my group members' stories, what do they need to know and do to help them take a next step?"
  • Ask your group for input:  “I’d like to learn more about ______.”

Other Leader Tips

  • Take the last week of the month off.
  • Encourage people to connect outside of group during that week.
  • Try to serve together once each semester.
  • Plan on meeting about 12 weeks per semester together.