Source Bible Study Series

Source: Bible Study Series

North Point Ministries

SOURCE: THE BIBLE IN COMMUNITY is a curriculum designed to help small groups discuss the Bible in a way that leads to application. Each session is designed to incorporate the dynamics of community life as you explore the Bible together. The goal is to challenge group members toward personal and spiritual growth—-moving from where they currently are to where God wants them to be. 


While heralded as a patriarch of faith, Abraham's journey was filled with the messiness of life. Family quarrels, deception and manipulation, infertility issues... The list goes on and on. Yet he chose to trust in the promises that God had presented before him, regardless of how distant and impossible they seemed. For us, Abraham is an example of faith and a reminder of what it looks like to trust God with the most important things in our lives.


This study covers the book of Galatians, a letter written by Paul encouraging the Christians in Galatia to return to the freedom that is found in a right relationship with Jesus. He was calling them back to a life of grace where they could chose to truly live out their faith through love. Over the next six weeks you'll look at your faith, how firmly it's rooted, and if you're living it out in the way God intended.


Sometimes it can be an exercise trying to apply the Bible to your daily life. But James makes God's Word perfectly clear for his readers by discussing real-life applications of the Christian faith throughout his letter. In this study you'll discover the wisdom behind living out your faith in practical ways.

Jonah & Nahum

The book of Jonah follows the journey of a wayward prophet who wants nothing to do with God's mercy for others, while the book of Nahum focuses on a country that receives news of its coming destruction. The central figure in both of these books is God and his qualities of justice and mercy toward the ancient country of Ninevah. This study will examine how God's characteristics of justice and mercy should impact our relationships with others.

MIssion (acts 13-28)

The first part of the book of Acts records how God began to establish the early church in Jerusalem and the surrounding areas. The second half shows how the gospel was then launched out of Antioch to the ends of the known world, carried by missionaries, chief of whom was a man named Paul. This six-session study examines Paul's life as he attempted to follow God and the mission that was set before him.

Ruth & Esther

In two different times and in two distinct ways God used two women to change the course of history. The stories of Ruth and Esther teach us much about what it means to make decisions during difficult times and how God is often working behind the scenes.