Make Ending Well Easy

Is your group coming to an end in the next few months? If so, it's time to start planning to end well. It may feel like you have plenty of time, but you don't. You can't end well if you're trying to do everything at the eleventh hour.

The best way to end your group well is to use the Ending Well study. It's a simple, 2-session resource that tees up helpful conversations with your group, provides practical next steps for multiplication, and encourages you to celebrate everything that's happened during the life of your group.

But here's the trick: Ending Well's two sessions don't happen back-to-back. It's designed to kick off a series of group conversations about ending about 90 days ahead of your end date. The second session helps you to bring your group to a close after you've made a plan together.

So, if you're just a few months away from bringing your current group in for a landing, check out Ending Well now. It'll set you up for successful multiplication.