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1. Download and print one study guide per person OR purchase one guide per person from Amazon

2. Download the Anthology App and prepare the video. (Apple MobileAndroidROKUApple TV)


1. Watch the study video together. 

2. Discuss the questions and complete the exercise located in the study guide. 

Tips for Facilitating
Great Discussions

If you find yourself as the lead facilitator of the group discussion, here are three things you can do to guide your group through a dynamic and helpful conversation.

1. encourage everyone to participate

Limit your own opinions and input in order to give the entire group space to speak. A good rule of thumb is that you should talk less than 20% of the time.

2. STeer the discussion without controlling it

Don’t be afraid of out-of-left-field input from a group member, but don’t let one member monopolize the discussion. Look for group members who are quiet but seem like they might have something to say. Give them the floor by asking them what they’re thinking.

3. Be Curious

Actively listen to group members and ask clarifying questions in order to discover what’s going on in their lives.