Women's Leader Development Groups

This page contains the track for Women’s Leader Development Groups at Buckhead Church. We designed the track so that you have the opportunity to talk about and explore some of the key aspects of group leadership. Being exposed to this information and having the opportunity to think about and discuss it is important to your future leadership. But more important is what you'll experience being led by an experienced leader. There is no more effective leader development tool than having a competent and experienced leader model what it looks like to lead.

Sessions 1 and 2: Telling Your Stories

You have a story. Over the next two sessions, you'll share that story with the members of this group. That's because sharing your story with others help you connect with them, and connection is an essential part of growing spiritually.

To prepare to share your story, read the Sharing Stories and think through one or two questions from each category in the Telling Your Story document.

Sessions 3–9: Growth by John Ortberg

Your spiritual growth and relationship with Jesus is the most important part of your leadership. Before you can lead others well, you have to be able to lead yourself well. The material you cover over the next few weeks may be brand new or it may be a review. Either way, discussions about how we grow are helpful because God uses them to draw us closer to him. You will lead best out of your relationship with your heavenly Father.

To kick-off discussions about spiritual growth, we've chosen Growth by John Ortberg, a seven-week study that explores how we can stay connected to Jesus and grow. Your leader will provide you with a copy of the book.

  • Session 3: "Training to Live Like Jesus
  • Session 4: "The Practice of Scripture Meditation"
  • Session 5: "The Practice of Solitude"
  • Session 6: "Simple Prayer"
  • Session 7: "Three Transforming Prayers"
  • Session 8: "The Roundabout Way"
  • Session 9: "And the Greatest of These is Love"

Session 10: Five Things God Uses to Grow Your Faith by Andy Stanley

For the remainder of your group meetings, you'll discuss some topics that may not seem related. That's because they aren't. We want to give you as much practical content as possible. Your leader will provide more background and context as you discuss each topic.  This week, you will talk about:

Session 11: Visioneering by Andy Stanley (Chapter 13: "Moral Authority")

Visioneering, Chapter 13: Moral Authority (PDF)

Session 12: Social and Next Steps Discussion

Close your time together by celebrating all that has happened during the course of your group. Take time to point out the progress you’ve seen each of the women make.

Your leader will guide you through a discussion to help discern your best next step. It may be leadership or it may be another group environment. We'd love for you to prayerfully consider your best next step.

Additional Resources