WoodStock CIty
email templates


Subject: Welcome to our group!

Send: When you get an updated roster with additional group members, send a welcome email that day. If multiple people join in one day, you can BCC them all and send one email.


Welcome to our Community Group! Just wanted to drop a quick note to say “Hi” and introduce myself. My name is <<NAME>>, and I’ll be leading our group. I’m excited to get to know you over the next few months. We’ll be learning, eating, and, hopefully, laughing together. 

Our group's first meeting will be at Woodstock City Church at <<TIME>> on <<DAY>>.

***Important: Attendance at this meeting is required. If for some reason you can't be at the kickoff, please let me know ASAP so we can hold your spot in the group. 

Look for another email from me soon where we'll meet all of our group members via email before we meet in person at our group kickoff! Looking forward to meeting you! 



Subject: Our First Group Meeting

Send: When your group is full OR Friday, August 23. Please CC (not BCC) all group members so they can “Reply all” to introduce themselves.


I wanted to send a quick welcome to everyone in our group. We hope this will be a place where we experience authentic community and spiritual growth. We’ll talk more about that next week!

We’ll meet one another for the first time next week to kick off our group at Woodstock City Church. You’ll receive the logistical details in a text from Woodstock City. This meeting is a great way for us to connect and get ready for our first study together.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already, please introduce yourself to the rest of the group!

Leaders, put your info here:

Name: Alysia Dicks 

My family: My husband, Tony, and I will be celebrating our 19th anniversary this summer. We have two children, Mary Beth and Davis. Mary Beth is in her second year at the University of Georgia. Davis is a junior in high school. We can’t believe we’re going to be empty nesters in a year and a half, but we’re thrilled about it! 

I live near: Sequoyah High School

I'm from: I was born in Decatur, Georgia. We then moved to Seattle, Tampa, South Georgia, and then Jupiter, Florida. Tony was born in Michigan and moved to East Cobb when he was five years old. 

This fall I'm looking forward to: Going on vacation to Mexico with Tony! 

<<NAME>> (If desired)