We’ve designed Theopraxis to provide church leaders with resources to present practical theology that helps participants absorb it by interacting with others. That’s because the goal isn’t knowledge; it’s applying knowledge in life and leadership. When people discuss what they’re learning, wrestle with tensions, and ask questions, they end up owning the information. And when they own the information they’re more likely to apply it to their lives. That’s what helps people grow and change.


All content is downloadable via zip file, and the content is contained within different folders. Files range from 1.0 GB to 5.0 GB.

● Handout and/or Booklet (PDF Format)
● Editable Teaching Notes (Word)
● Presentations (KEY, PPT, PRO Formats)
● Video elements (MP4, MOV)
● Logos and Graphics (JPEG, EPS, PNG Formats)


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MOdules for purchase:

Within North Point Ministries, some of the below modules are for leaders-only environments, while others are sometimes used for a broader audience.

Bible Training

CONTEXT: The Story of the Bible ($79)

3 Sessions: How is the Bible put together? • OT Summary • NT Summary

METHODS: How to Read the Bible Well  ($79)

3 Sessions: Observation • Interpretation • Application

Relational InfluencE

MODERN: A Discussion About Engaging Culture  ($79)

3 Sessions: How do we balance theology with ministry? • Why do we avoid people with different perspectives and lifestyles? • What would you do in certain real-life situations?

INVEST: Engaging With People Outside the Faith  ($79)

3 Sessions: What should our view of evangelism be? • How should Christians approach someone with little to no interest in faith? • How should Christians approach someone who shows interest in God?



1 Session: Approaching Core beliefs vs. Peripheral ones

All five of the above modules can be purchased for $199. Select "All Modules" at checkout.


BLUEPRINT: Seeking to Understand God’s Plan For Us

3 Sessions: Why were we created? • What difference does prayer make? • Can we know God's plan for our lives?

GROWTH: Maturing in Our Faith

3 Sessions: How do we believe people grow spiritually? • Who is involved in and responsible for a person’s spiritual growth? • How can I continue to grow?

IDENTITY: Replacing False Beliefs with Truth

3 Sessions: What lies do you believe about yourself and God? • What truths has God revealed about himself and you? • How can we live in a way that reflects God’s truth?

VIEWS: Discussing Difficult Questions

3 Sessions: What beliefs are central to the Christian faith? • Why does God allow evil? • Is it fair that Christ is the only way to God?


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