Scripture in Group

Groups should always be engaging in Scripture together. Most studies will allow you to do that to some degree, but during your time together as a group you should also take time at least once to twice a year to specifically study Scripture. 

  1. You can do that by digging into a book of Scripture you choose. You can just read through a book of Scripture and use a commentary of study based on that book. You can find resources for that below (and more info here).
  2. Or you can do a story about the Bible. This can be found in the Scripture section found on the recommended studies under Section One: God.
  3. In each category of the recommended study plan, you will see Scripture listed. These Scriptures deal with that specific topic and can be studied for a week to help illuminate what Scriptures says about that category, or you can end a study from that category by studying Scripture from that category (Ex. Watch Radical Hospitality 3-Week Video series, then study 1 Corinthians 15 together for week 4, which s a Scripture dealing with the gospel).