Study Balance  in Group

Group should be a balance of several different tensions. You don’t want to avoid challenging your group, but you don’t want to overly tax them either. You don’t want to spend time only growing in one area of life, even if your group mostly needs help dealing in one single area. You also don’t want to only do one type of study (Bible, book, video, discussion). And you don’t want to just do one study after another. You want to have times of fun and take breaks from group. All these things should be held in tension as you plan what your group should study next. 

The tracks provided on each study plan page will give you an example to follow, but here are several tips for achieving balance in your group: 

  1. Pick studies from multiple sections (God, Me, Others) and multiple categories within each section.
  2. Vary the type of study: A lot of groups use video studies most of the time, but you may want to put a book study in as well. Some studies have homework, some don’t. Vary this as well, but get to know the capacity your group has for homework. Challenge them, but not too much. 
  3. Scripture: You will also want to utilize Scripture during your time together. Hopefully, every study will have Scripture involved in it, but it is always good during the life of a group to spend time specifically studying scripture (learn more)
  4. Don’t always do a study: Take scheduled breaks—maybe three weeks on and one week off. Either take that week off from group or meeting socially.