Starting Over 

4-session video curriculum

We've all had the experience of putting something together only to have to take it apart and start over. Career. Marriage. Dreams. But how do we break the cycle of mistakes and failed attempts?

Completing this Study as a Group

  1. Purchase one Starting Over Study Guide for each person in the group.
  2. Pre-Read (optional) the upcoming chapter to prepare for the group conversation.
  3. Watch the video online or via the Starting Over DVD.
  4. Discuss the video as a group using the session questions located in the Starting Over Study Guide.

Leader's Guide & Tips

The downloadable Leader's Guide walks you through each question and exercise within the Starting Over Study Guide. Additionally, if you find yourself as the lead facilitator of the discussion questions, here are three things to consider:


It is the ideas of everyone in the group that make a group meeting successful. Your role as the leader is to create an environment in which people feel safe to share their thoughts.


While you want to leave space for group members to think through the discussion, make sure the conversation is contributing to the topic being discussed that session. Don’t let it veer off on tangents. Go with the flow, but be ready to nudge the conversation in the right direction when necessary.


This is the most important thing you can do as a leader and as a group. Pray that God is not only present at your group meetings, but that he is directing them.

About Andy Stanley

Communicator, author, and pastor ANDY STANLEY founded Atlanta-based North Point Ministries in 1995.Today, NPM consists of six churches in the Atlanta area and a network of 30 churches around the globe that collectively serve nearly 70,000 people weekly. Andy and his wife, Sandra, have three grown children and live near Atlanta.