Want a rich and meaningful prayer life? We’ve got You covered.

Why Pray?

If there’s one spiritual practice that is more important than all of the others, it’s prayer. It’s even fair to say that you can’t properly engage in any of the other practices without also engaging in prayer. You’ll find little value in fasting, worship, Sabbath, solitude, or even reading the Bible if you’re not doing those things in conjunction with prayer.

Why is that?

Prayer is our direct line of communication with God. It’s at the core of every believer’s relationship with him. A prayer life that is growing deeper and richer over time is a sign of growing spiritual maturity. That’s because prayer isn’t about using God as a cosmic vending machine—trying to convince him to sign on to our agendas or give us the material comforts we want. It’s about creating an intellectual, emotional, and spiritual connection with your heavenly Father, so that you can better know and trust his will.

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