Leading a group can sometimes be complicated because people are complicated. We know you want to get it right. We are here to help along your group’s journey!

This page is designed to help you with some of the questions we are frequently asked. Have more questions? Email us! We would love to help equip you!

— North Point Men’s Groups Team

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What Does a Great Group Look Like

There are 3 parts to a great group experience.

  • Part One: Socialize.

    • Get to know each other relationally will help you be comfortable enough to open up to each other about deeper things going on in your lives.

  • Part Two: Learn Together.

    • Learning together creates common language and a bond that you can’t seem to get outside of a group experience. There’s something amazing about learning from how other people think and process the same thing you are learning and processing.

  • Part Three: Pray Together.

    • Praying together creates intimacy within your group and it may be the only time that some of your group members pray throughout the week. The first two parts of a group cultivate relationships that allow people to open up about things that are going on in their personal lives.


curriculum Suggestions

Choosing a curriculum is hard. You want to choose the right one. We’re here to help!

Ever wondered what the timeline of a group is and/or how to pick studies that fit for where your group is at along the group journey? We can help! Pick one of our curriculum tracks to make it easy!

Group Track (Just grad Group)

This is a summary of what’s in this group track.

Group Track

This is a summary of what’s in this group track.


Group Outing/Social Ideas

Here’s some ideas of things to do for men near you're campus…

  • Something

  • Something else

  • Another thing


Counseling & Mentoring

Is someone in your group going through a rough season—personally, professionally, relationally? How do you care for them? How can your group walk alongside them? You don’t have to have all of the answers, but we’d like to help you connect them with someone who is more equipped to help.


Leader Development Videos