The Marriage Dashboard

with Andy Savage


The Marriage Dashboard is a one-week video curriculum for small groups.

The Marriage Dashboard is designed to give you a set of gauges for evaluating and strengthening your relationship with your spouse. We want you to have an enjoyable, lasting, and inspirational marriage. We believe couples that say “I do” to each of the five gauges for married life will experience a marriage that is better, richer, and healthier.

To use the Marriage Dashboard, complete these steps:


Watch the video together.


Discuss the video as a group using the Discussion Guide.


Encourage the couples in your group to schedule a time to work through the exercise in the Discussion Guide. Tell them to pick a time when they can be free of distractions (date night, after the kids are in bed, etc.).

About Andy
The Marriage Dashboard was developed by Andy Savage. Andy is the teaching pastor at Highpoint Church in Memphis, Tennessee, a speaker, a blogger, and a relationship coach. His passion is communicating God’s truth in a creative way that connects with people where they are. For more information and resources, check out Andy’s blog: