Replace Yourself

Replace Yourself

One of the Eight Leader Essentials

In this training Elaine Scott explores the important responsibility for every leader to prepare others for leadership. As you lead your group, it is vital to the success of your group (and other groups in the future) that you pour into group members development and keep an eye out for who might be ready to lead a group after this group ends. 

By passing on knowledge, skills, and opportunities, you are preparing others for future leadership while sharpening your own.

How are you intentionally investing in a potential leader in your group? 

Try Doing These Things:

  • The best way to begin the process of replacing yourself is to share basic group tasks like providing snacks, hosting meetings, leading prayer time, and facilitating group discussions.
  • When identifying a potential apprentice, look for a group member who is competent to lead, has a character built on a growing relationship with Jesus, understands the church's culture, and with whom you have good chemistry.
  • When you've identified a potential apprentice, make a personal invitation. Tell the group member you see the potential for leadership in him or her. Ask the person to partner with you so that you can help prepare him or her for future leadership.