Cultivate Relationships

Cultivate Relationships

One of the Eight Leader Essentials

In this training Chris Kim explores the importance of intentionally focusing on building community within your group. A major part of your role as a leader is creating an environment where your group members have the opportunity to connect with one another at deeper and deeper levels. 

By encouraging and facilitating connections outside of regular group meetings, you demonstrate the priority of relationships. 

How are you and your group members connecting outside of group time? 

Try Doing These Things:

  • Prioritize social time during group meetings. You may be tempted to think of it as a distraction from Bible study. It's not. The relationships that develop will pave the way for accountability, belonging, and care in your group.
  • Schedule time to meet with each group member or couple outside of group.
  • Encourage group members to meet with each other outside of group.


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