Just Married Groups

The following studies (displayed by topic) come highly recommended by our married groups team. Some of the studies are specifically about marriage. All are studies our married groups have found helpful and interesting for newly married couples.

Recommended Resources by Category

This section contains the recommended track for Just Married Groups. For most groups, it's best to tackle the resources in the order they're presented. It will give you the opportunity to talk broadly about marriage and get some basic concepts under their belts before diving into specifics on personal spiritual development, self-awareness, and finances. 



  • The Meaning of Marriage by Timothy Keller or Marriage: Life After I Do with Donald Miller
  • State of Your Marriage (Part 1)
    [NOTE: This is a 1-session resource we recommend you revisit 3 times during the course of your group. It's a good way for your couples to build a habit of checking in with each other. It can also help you know the challenges your group members are facing.]

Spiritual & Personal Growth




Additional Resources

  • Leader Documents
    This page contains a lot of great resources for group leaders.
  • Sample Icebreaker Activities for Just Married Groups
    These icebreaker games and activities are especially useful in helping group members become comfortable with one another at the outset of a new group.
  • What to Do When a Couple Needs Marriage Help
    All couples experience conflict. But some couples experience unresolved conflict. This kind of conflict doesn’t lead to growth and a stronger marriage without outside help. This document will help you understand what steps you can take as a group leader, and when and how to point a couple toward outside help.