Buckhead Church Just Grad Groups

Thank you for choosing to invest in the lives of people trying to make the transition from college to the real world. Thank you for leading a Just Grad Group. This page contains resources to help you lead well.

About Just Grad Groups

Vision This document explains the vision and purpose of Just Grad Groups.

Curriculum List Here's an overview of the topics you'll explore with your Just Grad Group.

Group Resources

Your First 8 Weeks Starting well will improve your entire group experience. It will lead to better, deeper, and more helpful discussions. This document provides a roadmap to guide you through those crucial first two months of your group experience.

Sharing Stories One of the most important things you'll do as a group is to share your stories. When you know one another's stories, you'll bond, your discussions will be richer, and you'll be better equipped to provide one another with accountability, belonging, and care. This document provides guidelines for sharing your stories.

Financial Curriculum Finances is one of the topics you'll discuss during your time together. Use this resource for helpful content and great discussions.

Leader Resources

Group Agreement The Group Agreement is an essential tool for setting and aligning expectations from the outset of your group. You can use it at the end of the starter period when group members have agreed to continue together for the full life cycle of the group.

Women's Group Leader Resources Check out this page for more leader resources created specifically for Buckhead Women's Group leaders.