Because Articles are the most generic form of blog posts, I'll refer you to the How To: Articles page for getting to the blog and navigating blog post basics and deal with the Studies and Resources specifics in this guide. The main difference is in how the page is laid out to appear to be a product page even though it's actually a blog post.

Step 1 - Content Formatting

You're going to want to follow the same format as the other entries so feel free to open up one of those and use it for reference. The main things are making the book title an H1, the author an H3, and the description as Normal. You'll also want to set the Category and Tags appropriately. Any Category you add here will show up in any Category filter links like on the Studies & Resources landing page so be intentional about them. Tags, there is way more freedom but try to limit them to the existing ones if possible.

On the bottom half of the description you'll add in the Get It Now button and any associated links for Connections or Downloads. Connections links should always be bold and downloads should always be italics to differentiate them and make it recognizable across each page. They should also be separated by a pipe character [ Shift ] + [ \ ].

Here are the settings for the button block. As with any link on your site, if it directs the user to anywhere outside of your page be sure to check Open in New Window when designating the Clickthrough URL.

The only tricky part about formatting is aligning the image and the copy. To do this I just add an Image Block at the bottom of the page and drag it until the black bar fills up the entire left side of the content. Drop it here and everything should shift over. Finally, move your mouse between the two blocks until you see the Left/Right Arrow cursor and drag it to the left one click. This puts the columns in a 40/60 format instead of 50/50 which gives it that product feel and evens out the page weight a bit.

STEP 2 - Excerpt/Summary Formatting

Head over to the Options tab at the top of the Post Edit screen. This gives you access to everything that will show up when your entry is displayed in a Summary Block or the Thumbnail/Excerpt is visible. First, assign the same image as the Thumbnail that you used on the Content page then select an Author from the drop down list. See here about adding a new author if necessary.

Next, format the excerpt by putting the Title first, using [Shift] + [Enter] to go directly to the next line instead of breaking the line as you would by only pressing [Enter] and then the Author's name. Now you'll need to go get the Post and Author links:

The Post Link

So essentially this is just a link to the post itself. You'll need grab the Post URL at the top of of the Options page, select the curriculum title, make it bold, then make it link to the Post URL.

The Author Link

Head over to the Studies & Resources Archive and go to the Author section, which should be the first one. Here you can right click on any author's name and select "Copy Link Address". This is the URL you're going to use when linking the Author's name. What this does is send the user to a filtered list of any post authored by this person.

If the author doesn't exist in the list take a look at How To: Adding Authors.

That's it!

Save and Publish, call it a day.