So you're adding a Study or having a guest blogger and need to add a new author? Not super difficult, but also not as intuitiave as you're used to up to this point.

Step 1 - Navigate to the Author Menu

Navigate all the way to the top level of the menu - what you normally see when you login. From here select Settings, then Permissions. Now you have access to both Contributors and Authors. These two roles are fundamentally different.

Contributors are people who have access to actually alter content on your site. Anyone listed as a Contributor will have a Squarespace account they can login to and create pages, make edits, etc. Ideally, the only accounts you'll see here will be our NPM Digital account and your Groups master account you all share.

There's also a lot of "Contributors Without Permissions" here, they were brought over when we did the initial import from your WordPress site. They're serving the purpose of populating authors of your blog aka Articles. Don't worry about these guys much, keep scrolling down.

Basic Authors actually have no permissions to do anything whatsoever on your site. They only act as a name attached to a post that you can later filter by. You can name them whatever you want, just be sure to name both on the Account and Bio tab so the name shows up correctly in all areas.

That's it!

Yep, just one step. Now go back into your blog post and assign your new author to it!