How To: Articles

Adding and editing blog posts will be something you do frequently. When you click on the Articles link in the main navigation above you're not actually going to the full-blown blog but rather a curated display of Featured and Recent posts for the month. The Featured posts will show up based on flagging a post as Featured or not in the Post Editor. Now let's get started!

Step 1 - Navigate to the blog

First, login to Squarespace and go to Pages. You'll see three sections labeled "Main Navigation", "Secondary Navigation", and "Not Linked". The pages in Main are what compose your header navigation and the pages are just curated lists of posts, and not the blog itself.


The term "Not Linked" throws some people off – the pages are still accessible, they just don't show up in your standard site navigation areas (ex: header/footer).  There will be folders in Not Linked that house all of the pages related to each section of your site - open up the Articles folder by clicking on it.

Tada! This is where your blog actually lives. Click on it to gain access to all of the posts.

Step 2 - The Blog Menu

This is the blog menu. A chronological list of your posts as well as noting wether they are in Draft mode or not. No posts are visible until they are published out of draft. To edit an existing blog post, select it and choose Edit. To add a new blog post, click the + at the top of the menu.

The tabs above your posts are really helpful. All shows all posts while Drafts will filter to only drafts. If you're ever in a season where you allow guests to write on your blog, you can check approve their posts in the Review tab before publishing. You can also set posts to publish in the future and they will show up in the Scheduled tab.

Step 3 - The Post Editor

Click the image to zoom.

Here's where you'll edit all the details of your post. At the top of the screen you'll notice you're on the Content tab. Here you give your post a Title in the first field, then write your post in the second. The post content acts just like editing a normal page on Squarespace so feel free to visit the How To: Content page for a refresher.

At the bottom of the Content tab you can assign Tags and Categories to your post. This is super important as a lot of other content on your site uses "Related Items" or "Related Content" and these are how it knows where to go.

The Published date can be changed to any date with the purpose of re-arranging a post's order or scheduling it for the future.

Click the image to zoom.

Once your Content is ready, head to the Options tab at the top. Here you can assign a Thumbnail to the post that will be what shows up pretty much everywhere. Once cool thing about Squarespace's images is once the image is uploaded, move your mouse over it to reveal the Focal Point circle. Click and drag this to the most important part of the image so as it resizes on different devices it will always display what you want it to.

Select an Author for the post, but if the person you're looking for isn't listed check out the How To: Authors page.

Ignore the Source URL stuff.

Write an Excerpt for the post that is as short as it can be. This, like the thumbnail, will show up almost everywhere the post is referenced.

Finally, when you check the circle to set a post as Featured you're essentially adding it to the list of featured posts on the Articles page. If you add enough featured articles, it will boot out the articles previously listed there. You can set how many featured articles you want by editing the Summary Block on the Articles page - or just submit a ticket!

Step 4 - Publish

If you're creating a new post, be sure to select Save & Publish if you want it to go live, otherwise click Save to keep it in Draft mode. If your'e editing a published post, simply clicking Save will do the trick.

That's it!