Buckhead Church Women

 the 5 best tips for leading through the holidays

1. Have a plan.

Once Thanksgiving arrives, the holidays will be in full swing and life will get busy. Let your group members know the dates you plan to meet in November and December and when your group will reconvene in January.

2. Serve together.

Serving in the community is a great way to leverage the influence of the group while strengthening the relationships within it. Be Rich launches in early November, and will offer all kinds of projects to sign up for throughout the holiday season and the New Year. This should help finding a place to serve easy!

3. Celebrate what God has done.

The holidays are a perfect time to continue building community in your group and celebrating what God has done in the past few months. Before you break for Christmas, plan a night to celebrate. Here are some ideas:

  • Host a white elephant gift or ornament exchange, a cookie swap, or adopt a child for Christmas through Angel Tree and go shopping together!

  • Have a potluck dinner and ask the following question during the meal: What have you learned or experienced in the past few months that has changed how you see yourself, God, or the people in this group?

4. Continue building relationships.

When your group reconvenes in January, plan a social for the first meeting that is intentionally centered on building relationships. Have your group members share their hopes for the next season of group, and encourage them to continue developing relationships with one another outside of group. 

5. Choose curriculum.

Look back over your previous studies and identify any gaps you would like to address over the next few months. Consider a study on spiritual growth that will help your members take next steps in their faith. We suggest the study Growth: Training vs. Trying. Want other suggestions? Check out our Women’s Curriculum Guide.