Fully Engaged


Being engaged in church is about more than attending Sunday services.

It involves doing four things:

  1. Connecting in a group
  2. Serving on a team
  3. Giving a percentage
  4. Inviting a friend

You and your group members are already connected.  But we want you to be fully engaged. That’s why we’ve created this series of three one-session resources to help you explore serving, inviting, and giving in whatever order and combination makes sense for your group.

To use a study:

  1. Select one of the resources above.
  2. Review the Leader's Guide before your group meeting.
  3. Watch the video together as a group.
  4. Talk about the video (the Leader's Guide provides questions to ask your group).
  5. Give each group member or couple a Takeaway Card to remind them to take action.