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Sermon Based Series: Discussion Questions 2010

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Taking Responsibility For Your Life: Andy Stanley

  1. Let The Blames Begin
  2. The Disproportionate Life
  3. This Is No Time To Pray
  4. Embrace Your Response Ability


White Flag: Andy Stanley

  1. Resistance Is Futile
  2. Distress Call
  3. Holier Than Thou


I Love My Church: Andy Stanley

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Easter 2010: Andy Stanley

  1. Radical Love
  2. There's Nothing Religious About It


Where Is God's Love Now?: Justin Grunewald

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GUARDRAILS: Andy Stanley

  1. Direct and Protect
  2. Why Can't We Be Friends
  3. Flee Baby Flee!
  4. Me And The Mrs.
  5. The Consumption Assumption
  6. Once And For All


The Chase: John Woodall

  1. We Were Made For This
  2. Take The Low Place


Surprise Party

  1. Lost And Found: Clay Scroggins
  2. With, Not What: Jamey Dickens
  3. Speech Writing: Joel Thomas


The Other Side Of Freedom: Andy Stanley

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  1. Expanding Your Vocabulary: Clay Scroggins
  2. Just A Bowl Of Stew: Justin Grunewald
  3. Something's Got To Change: Joel Thomas


The Man I Want To Be: Sean Seay

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Five Faith Catalysts: Andy Stanley

  1. Part 1
  2. Part 2


Time Of Your Life: Andy Stanley

  1. Your Days Are Numbered
  2. At Capacity
  3. Compounding Minutes
  4. When Less Is More
  5. Under The Sun


tmi: Too Much Information: Clay Scroggins

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Promises: Justin Grunewald

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Game Plan

  1. The Fundamentals Of The Game: Jeff Henderson
  2. Calling An Audible: Andy Stanley
  3. The Playbook: Jeff Henderson
  4. Traded: Andy Stanley
  5. A Word From The Coach: Jeff Henderson
  6. 4th Quarter: Andy Stanley


I Owe Who?: Andy Stanley

- Message


The Thrill Of Hope: Andy Stanley

  1. Zechariah's Story
  2. Your Story