3–4 week curriculum guide

for those groups meeting before February's Group Launch Event

Groups adding new members will want to meet at the start of January, after their Christmas break. Most groups will start back with a social, but the question after that will be: What do we study for the short time between the start of the year and Group Launch and February’s group launch event?

Here are a few suggestions from your women’s group directors:

  1. We suggest your first meeting back be a social. It can be as informal as a dinner or coffee. If you want to make it more intentional, we love the sermon This is My Year...I Promise by Jeff Henderson, which encourages you to choose a fruit of the Spirit to focus on for the year.

  2. Follow along with January’s sermon series and use the discussion guide posted for each message on the Buckhead Church website.

  3. What does it mean to be in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ? Spiritual Growth is a 3-week video study that discusses what spiritual growth is, how to pursue it, and a key posture we can assume to fuel our own growth. Discussion guide includes video notes, group activities and discussion questions.

  4. Want to make a new year’s resolution that really counts? Re:Solution is a 4 week video study that challenges us to make a resolution that makes a difference. Discussion guides included.