Give — Fully Engaged


This one-week video curriculum help your group explore becoming fully engaged by giving to your local church.

All we have comes from God. When we acknowledge him by giving back a small portion of what he gives us, our faith is deepened and our relationship with him is strengthened in surprising and powerful ways. 


Being engaged in church is about more than attending Sunday services. We define full engagement with the church as participating in our mission to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by doing four things: connecting in a group, serving on a team, giving a percentage, and inviting a friend.

You and your group members have already connected. But we want you to be fully engaged. We believe it benefits you. It helps you grow faster and in ways you wouldn’t expect. That’s why we’ve created three one-session resources to help you explore serving, giving, and inviting. We encourage you to lead your group through all of these resources unless one covers an area of engagement in which you’re all currently participating.