(6 WEEK)

This page contains resources to be used in conjunction with the four-week version of Community: Starting Well In Your Small Group (6 week).

Participant Guide: Community: Starting Well in Your Small Group
*This PDF is easy to print or view in most eReaders.

Leader Guide
*This PDF is easy to print or view in most eReaders.


Leaders only: Watch this video before your first meeting.

Session Videos

Watch these videos together at each of your group meetings, before you begin your group discussion.

Session One


Session Two


Session Three



Session Four

There is no video for this session. You'll focus on telling stories. If a group member has not seen "How to Tell Stories Well," watch the video together before you begin sharing your stories.


Session Five


Session Six



Leader Guide
This PDF walks you through group facilitation tips and week-by-week objectives.

Group Agreement
This is a valuable tool you can use to protect the health and development of your group. Have your group review this together after Session 6 of the curriculum.

Life Map Exercise
This is a tool for preparing to tell your story to others. It will help you identify the high, low, and in-between points in your life and think through the significance of those events in your story.

Group Mailbox Sign
Help your new group find your meeting location. For your first group meeting, print this sign and put it on your mailbox, front door, or in your yard. Use as many copies as you need.

Starting Well Card
This quick reference card provides tips for the first three months of Community Group leadership.

Additional Articles

This is a collection of articles that ran on They're helpful for just about any phase of group leadership, but were written to be cadenced with the Community: Starting Well In Your Small Group experience.