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Study Overview

Your group should be a place where members can pursue authentic community and spiritual growth. Session 1 of this Circle Up is designed to cast this vision and give practical first steps toward achieving it. Sessions 2 and 3 focus on “the two pillars of groups” with Session 2 focusing on spiritual growth and Session 3 on authentic community. Session 4 focuses on asking group members to own the group and its mission: to help members grow spiritually by being connected in authentic community. 

Session One


Video run time: 6 minutes

In this session, Andy Stanley casts vision for what is possible in your group (authentic community and spiritual growth), while your host, Toni Collier, challenges group members to show up, join in, and be real. 

Group Discussion Overview:

Questions 1 and 2: People in your group have experienced relationships that have grown or changed them. The goal of these questions is to help them to make a connection between those experiences and the opportunity this group has ahead of it. Question 2 lets group members reflect on what made past relationships so successful and what this group might do to repeat that success. 

Question 3: This is a first step toward getting to know one another. The question is designed to help you better understand your group’s dynamics during the discussion. This knowledge will help you better facilitate group conversations. 

Question 4: This question is intended to help everyone in your group begin to make the connection between what they’ve experienced in the past with great groups, and what they will need to do to help this group succeed. It's designed to make the call to “join in and be real” both practical and actionable. 

For groups without a leader, the video will last an extra three minutes and provide an overview of what a group should be looking for in a group leader. 


60 seconds on . . . group leading fundamentals


creating a "flight plan" for your group

Just like airline passengers, your members have a destination in mind for their group experience. It's your responsibility to chart a course to help them get there. This short video will provide an overview of the different stages of a group and a practical checklist to help you be prepared for the journey ahead! 

Session two


Video run time: 7 minutes

In this session, Jenny Boyett discusses the opportunity your group has to encourage and support one another’s spiritual growth. 

Group Discussion Overview:

Question 1: This question is designed to get group members thinking about how they’ve grown in the past.

Question 2: The true definition of spiritual growth presents a paradigm shift for many people. This question helps you discover who might not be on board with this definition and allows them to express their concerns. If someone disagrees, don’t shut them down or try to change their mind. This is a great place to practice “Asking Questions.”

Question 3 and 4: Spiritual growth has many aspects, some of which are specific to individuals. Everyone is on their own journey, and everyone has a best next step. These questions are designed to help people gauge where they are and start to identify next steps. As the leader, listen carefully to where people feel like they are. This will help inform next steps as a group (especially when deciding what your group should do after this study). 


60 seconds on . . . SPIRITUAL Growth


Stay connected: A Leader Essential

Leaders are supposed to support and encourage the spiritual growth of everyone in their group. But you can't lead others down a path that you aren't on.

In this training, John Woodall explores how important it is for leaders to remain spiritually nourished by staying connected to God.

You can also sign up to receive emails with practical tips that will help you put this leader essential into practice in your life.  

Session three


Video run time: 6 minutes

In this session, Chris Kim discusses some practical ways your group can begin building authentic community. You’ve made the decision to form a group, but you now must begin to make that group a community. 

The session is focused on telling stories. Stories can take a lot of time, but they don't have to if they're focused on what's best to share as you get to know one another. In this phase of your group, stories are meant to provide a starting point for relationship. As a leader, you set the tone, so lead with vulnerability as you tell your story. Group members will look to you as an example of how to share well. The video at right provides some vision about why you should tell stories and why at this stage they should be 7 to 10 minutes in length. 

For groups without a leader, the video will last an extra two minutes and provide an overview of what a group should be looking for in a group leader. 


60 seconds on . . . cultivating community  


cultivate relationships:
a key to creating Authentic community

A major part of your role as a leader is creating an environment where your group members have the opportunity to connect with one another at deeper and deeper levels. 

By encouraging and facilitating connections outside of regular group meetings, you demonstrate the priority of relationships. 

How are you and your group members connecting outside of group time? 

Session four


Video run time: 8 Minutes

In this session, Samer Massad discusses ownership. For your group to be successful, every member must jump off the sidelines and join in. Everyone must own their group experience and their spiritual journey. Group leads to lasting change because helping people grow their faith grows yours too.  

Group Discussion Overview:

For the group discussion, you'll need a printed copy of the Group Agreement.

Questions 1: You treat something differently as an owner, and this question helps group members consider adopting that mindset about your group. 

Question 2 and 3: Going through the Group Agreement and assigning tasks to each group member will give practical ways for your group to set expectations of what ownership looks like, and take steps toward creating an ownership culture in the group. 


60 seconds on . . . Group Agreement and Finding an Apprentice


Promote Participation:
Creating Ownership in your Group

Shared participation (facilitating the study, hosting the meeting, preparing the snack, leading prayer time, planning socials, guiding the curriculum-choice discussion, etc.) creates broader ownership of the group. 

In this training, Mike Davis explores how delegating the tasks that make group happen will help you focus on the most important responsibilities you have as a leader and help you avoid burnout. 

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