Using a Life Map to Tell Your Story


Telling your story in group can be intimidating . . . especially if you're the group leader. Your story will set the tone for everyone else's. So how do you tell it effectively? How do you know which details to include and which to leave out? How do you go about telling a condensed, thirty-minute version of your life that gives each of the important highlights the weight it deserves?

One idea is to create a Life Map.

The Life Map is a great tool for preparing to tell your story. It's a simple exercise that can produce profound results by helping you to identify the parts of your story that matter most to your group: the parts that have shaped who you are.

All you need to create your Life Map is:

Once you've created your Life Map, you don't have to share it with your group (though you can if you want to). It's just a great tool for working through the details of your life in an organized way. It can also be a helpful point of reference for you to have on hand as you tell your story.

Feel free to print enough Life Map Exercises to give one to each member of your group . . . especially if they're looking for some help in preparing to tell their stories.

If you've led groups in the past, what tools have you used to prepare to tell your story?