Connected vs. Busy


At times, we all feel overwhelmed by our schedules. In the blink of an eye, there's something scheduled every night of the week and we have to make decisions about what to drop. In order to create some margin, we may even entertain the idea of dropping our small group. I'm all for creating margin. Without margin, all areas of our lives suffer. But creating margin is about more than just creating time; it's about creating quality. What we say "no" to may be the thing we most need.

There may be brief seasons where being in a small group just isn't possible, but by and large, being in groups is the lifeline of what keeps us connected in true community. If we let the busyness of our schedules bump small group out of the picture, we may be unintentionally making two decisions: Saying "no" to being connected with others, and saying "yes" to being disconnected.

When we mistake busyness for connectedness, we jeopardize the things that are the most important. Not making time in our schedules to connect with others can be a hindrance to our growth, our family relationships, and, ultimately, our quality of life.
Here are a few thoughts about being busy versus being connected:
Busy people have conversations; connected people have relationships.
Busy people talk about life; connected people share life.
Busy people manage a schedule; connected people rest in the relationships.
Busy people view life as an ugly mess; connected people view life as a beautiful mess
Busy people run on empty; connected people are filled up by their relationships.
Busy people burnout; connected people grow.
So, are you just busy or are you connected?