Staying Ahead of the Leadership Curve


[Today's post is by Bryson Davis. Bryson is a Groups Director at Gwinnett Church, a role he's recently transitioned into after serving for over a decade in the same role at North Point Community Church.—Ed.]

It’s tempting to snap into group leadership mode on the night of your group meeting and then disengage the moment everyone heads out the door for home. My wife, Amy, and I do it—we’re busy people in a busy season of life. But checking out as soon as the group meeting is over puts us behind the curve in our leadership. It’s almost impossible to provide what our group members need while playing catch-up the next week.

One way to stay ahead of the curve as leaders is to open ourselves up to new perspectives. So, immediately after a group meeting, Amy and I ask each other this question:

What are our group members talking about on the drive home?

While the group meeting that just ended is still fresh in our minds, we try to take the opportunity to dissect the night a bit. We want to understand what our group members’ perspectives on our time together might be.

That simple question does a few things to help us grow and stay ahead of the leadership curve:

  1. It keeps us humble and teachable by opening us to others’ perspectives. This helps us maintain an open-handed, Spirit-led posture in our leadership.
  2. It fosters intuitive leadership and helps us prepare for the next week’s meeting. If there’s something we need to address at the next meeting or someone we want to encourage, asking this question usually brings that out.
  3. It unites and strengthens Amy and me in our leadership. She may have picked up on some non-verbal communication during the meeting that I missed. I may have recognized something in the conversation that she didn’t. Talking about these things helps us to learn from each other and to grow.

So, if you’re a group leader, take some time after your meetings to ask your spouse, co-leader, or apprentice, What are our group members talking about on the drive home?