Story Cards: Don't Miss Out On a Great Way to Connect

If you just started a new group, you may have received a pack of Story Cards at the connection event. If you didn’t start a new group recently but you’ve been leading groups for a while, you may have a pack lying around somewhere.

We just wanted to remind you that Story Cards are a great tool for helping to jump start the relational connection in your group. And they’re also great for groups who’ve been together for a while because they have a tendency to move people to open up in new ways . . . even when they’re among people they know.

If you’ve never used Story Cards, you may be skeptical about what I’m saying. I get it. But over the years, I’ve used them in three or four small groups, at work, with family, and in Starting Point groups. And they’ve worked 100 percent of the time.

Story Cards never fail to get people talking in surprisingly open ways. So, if you have a deck lying around and you haven’t used it yet, make it an icebreaker at your next group meeting.

You’ll be glad you did.

(If you don’t have any, consider buying up a pack. They’ve been recently updated with even more questions you can ask in group.)