Sharing Tasks in Your Group


There are certain things in group that only you, as the leader, can do. Only you can show up to group meetings thinking about the spiritual growth of everyone in the room. Only you can nurture the group dynamic, making sure the environment as a whole supports connection and growth. Just about every other task can and should be shared with the members of your group.

Promote Participation is one of our 8 Leader Essentials. Promoting participation is all about involving everyone in the life of the group by sharing responsibility for tasks such as:

  • Hosting meetings
  • Providing snacks
  • Planning socials
  • Leading prayer time
  • Facilitating group discussions

For most groups, it's not too early to begin sharing responsibilities during the eight-week starter period. Doing so is a great way to give your group members a sense of ownership of the group. It communicates that, while you're responsible for leading the group, it's not up to you to manage all aspects of the group meetings. That is everyone's responsibility. Promoting participation can also help your group members to form deeper relationships with one another.

So, don't be hesitant to ask your group members if they want to host meetings at their homes, provide snacks, or plan socials. If this isn't the first group for your members, you may even want to ask them to lead prayer time or facilitate the group discussion.

Don't miss the opportunity to promote participation. Doing so early in the life of the group can help set the stage for a great experience for the entire life of the group.

What do you do to involve your group members in supporting the group?