Serving Your Community


“For several years now, I’ve been a small group leader. We meet for eighteen months to two years. At the end of a small group I’ll ask on our final night together, 'Hey, what are your top three memories as a small group?' And every single time, if it’s not number one, going out and serving in the community will be in the top three.” —Jeff Henderson, Lead Pastor, Gwinnett Church

Did you begin leading a new group at January's GroupLink event? If so, you're probably finishing up sharing your stories with one another. That means, you've had a chance to introduce your group to the first two of the Three Vital Relationships—Intimacy with God and Community with Insiders.

Next, you'll take some time to discuss the third vital relationship, Influence with Outsiders. That means both investing in the lives of those outside the church and serving your community. During Session 7 of Community: Starting Well, you and your group will begin to talk about and plan a service project. Serving together is a terrific way to cultivate the relationships forming in your group. There's just something about working together side-by-side that encourages people to open up with one another. In fact, the Starting Well checklist you received with the Community DVD recommends that you and your group serve together within your first three months together as a group.

The study guide and leader notes provide guidance for planning and organizing a service opportunity. But remember, if you're a group leader at a North Point Ministries church, you can also sign up for a project through The Intersect Project web site.

Whatever you do, don't miss the opportunity to ramp up the vulnerability among your group members by serving others together.

If you've led groups in the past, how have you and your group members served your community together? How did it change the group dynamic?