Prioritizing Prayer Time


You already know that prayer time is one of the three key elements of a Community Group meeting (along with sharing and study). Group prayer is an essential part of a healthy group. But you may have found that your group's prayer time leaves something to be desired. You're not alone.

Maybe prayer time has become an afterthought, squeezed into the last five minutes of the meeting. Maybe group members aren't participating, either because they won't pray out loud or they won't request prayer for themselves. Maybe prayer time is just dry and boring.

We want you and every one of your group members to experience the way that rich corporate prayer can connect you to God and to one another. So for the next couple weeks, we're going to feature some posts about praying in group. Some will be practical. Some will delve into the theory behind the practice. We want to give you a variety of helpful resources, regardless of how you are or are not currently struggling with prayer in your group. We want to:

  • Give you some guidance for casting vision for dynamic prayer in your group
  • Help you help your group members to step into meaningful group prayer no matter where they currently stand
  • Provide you with some easy, practical approaches to group prayer to help you figure out what works best for your group

Tune in Wednesday when we'll dive into the question, Why prayer?