"Old" Testament, As In "Irrelevant"?


If we've been given a "New" Testament, does that mean the "Old" Testament is obsolete? There aren't many church-types who would give a hearty, "Yes!" to that question, but many of us ignore the Old Testament to the extent that an outside observer might assume Genesis through Malachi doesn't really apply to us anymore. So why do we gloss over the Old Testament?

There are lots of reasons, but many of them can probably be summed up as follows: we lack understanding of how the Old Testament connects to the New Testament. Not only is there a connection, the connection between the OT and NT is so strong that understanding that connection makes the stories and themes of the entire Bible spring to life.

If you're a group leader, you're invited to join us this Fall for a Theopraxis offering that will help you better understand the Old Testament. Theopraxis is part teaching and part discussion, as we explore how to have meaningful conversations about various theological topics. For this particular round of Theopraxis, we'll meet for six weeks to better understand the relevance of the Old Testament in order to have respectful and informed conversations with others.

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