Leading and Living the Three Vitals


This month, we're talking about leading a brand new group. In particular, we're focusing on the eight-week starter period covered by Community: Starting Well. During that study, you'll lead your group through a discussion of what we call The Three Vital Relationships. We believe that to grow spiritually a person must focus on his or her relationship with God, with other believers, and with unbelievers.

We define spiritual maturity as the pursuit of:

  • Intimacy with God
  • Community with Insiders
  • Influence with Outsiders.

As your group works through Community: Starting Well, you'll discuss Intimacy with God during Week 2, Community with Insiders during Week 3, and Influence with Outsiders during Week 7, after you've had a chance to share your stories with one another.

We want to help you to be as effective as possible at leading your group through these discussions, so we've set up a Three Vital Relationships resource page to give you some additional information about each of the relationships.

But even more important than understanding the Three Vital Relationships, is living them out. If your goal is to help your group members build life-changing community with one another, you need to be pursuing the Three Vitals yourself. And that begins with pursing an intimate relationship with God.

Intimacy with God is the foundation for the other two relationships. Without it, you can't have the others. As you lead, make sure you stay connected with your heavenly Father. Don't let the busyness that comes with leadership push him to the periphery.

Read your Bible on a regular basis and pray for your leadership and for your group. When you pray, invite God into your group. Ask him to do what you cannot: grow you and the others in your group. Remember that you're responsible for leading the group, but you can't create community or produce spiritual growth. He's responsible for outcomes.

What are some other practical things you do to stay connected to God?