Journaling What I've Been Up To


When I see friends I haven’t seen in years, they usually ask, “So, what have you been up to?” There’ve been times when that question was discouraging. On the inside, my response was, “Nothing has changed since the last time you saw me. I’m still single, still live in the same house, and still work at the same company.”

As someone who’s been single for quite a while, it’s sometimes difficult to see the changes and movement that God is doing in my life. After all, my stage of life hasn’t changed. I haven’t gotten married, had a baby, or put my child on the school bus for the first time. The list goes on.

Even though all of that is true, it doesn’t represent the truth. God is always up to something, whether it’s obvious or not.

Years ago, my first small group leader encouraged me to keep a journal. Because I’m what some people lovingly refer to as a perfectionist, it was hard for me to start journaling. Misspelled words and incomplete thoughts bugged me. Having to scratch out a sentence and re-write it made the page look ugly and incomplete. But the women in my group told me something empowering. They said, “The messier, the better.”

So, I started writing . . . in pencil . . . because I can’t change that God created me to be a perfectionist.

Journaling has given me a bigger and better picture of what I—and more importantly, what  God—have been up to for the last few years. I can see now how God is involved in the details of my life. It’s more evident how he worked through situations and how my circumstances, good and bad, have changed.

The truth is, God’s been “up to” something in each of our lives from the second we were born. And he’ll continue to move in our until until we breath our last breaths. He’s always pouring his grace down on us, working for our good, developing our perseverance, building our characters, and giving us hope. It’s up to us to look for his involvement and to remember all that he’s done for us. Otherwise, we’ll miss what he’s up to. And he’s God. He’s up to something big.