Invest and Invite for Group Multiplication


In last week's post, 6 Ways to Multiply Your Group Well, one of the six ways was to develop an Invest and Invite approach to multiplication. Over the next couple posts, I'll dig a little deeper into that idea.

One of the best and easiest ways to bring those outside the faith in is to invest in their lives and, when the time is right, invite them to an environment where they can begin to experience and explore the gospel. That might be a Sunday morning service, an event like MarriedLife Live, or in some cases a Community Group.

While GroupLink is a great way to meet other people that are interested in forming a Community Group, the Invest and Invite approach is also an effective strategy for group multiplication. It offers several advantages:

  • Reduced Uncertainty If you multiply your group through Invest and Invite, you're forming a group with people you already know. There's less chance of being matched up with people who are in a different stage of life.
  • Built-in Chemistry The group will consist of people who already have established relationships. The people you've invested in are people you already have a natural affinity for and who feel the same about you. With these connections already formed, group members often open up more quickly and establish a sense of commitment sooner.
  • Spiritual Growth The Three Vital Relationships are indicator of a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. That's both the mission of the church and the goal for Community Groups. Most group studies deal with Intimacy with God or Community with Insiders. Embracing the Invest and Invite approach allows the group to give real practical focus to the Influence with Outsiders.

That's kind of the why of leaning into Invest and Invite as an approach to group multiplication. On Wednesday, I’ll dig into some hows. I'll offer you some practical tips for incorporating Invest and Invite into the life of your group . . . including a timeline of when it's best to take each step.