Clarity and Leadership


Casting a compelling vision is a key component of good leadership. That's the message of "People Aren't Following You Because You Aren't Being Clear," a recent blog post by Donald Miller.

Here's an excerpt:

"The world is standing before you, curious, asking where you’d like to take them. If you kind of have an answer, they’ll follow somebody else. If you want to be a leader, communicate clearly because that’s the only way anybody can know whether or not they want to join you.:

Read the whole thing.

As you think about how effectively you cast vision, ask yourself these questions. They'll help you assess where you are and how you may be able to grow as a leader.

  1. Do I know what my group members are hoping to get out of our time together?
  2. Have I communicated to my group members what I want for them (as opposed to what I want from them)?
  3. Does my entire group understand the role of the Three Vital Relationships in their personal growth?

What other approaches do you take to ensure that you are casting a clear vision to your group members?