Building Connection: What'll Ya Have?


The Varsity's been around since 1928. It's an enduring Atlanta landmark. Even if you aren’t a fast food fan, a trip to The Varsity with a group of friends is an artery-clogging bonding adventure if there ever was one. From the moment you enter “What’ll Ya Have?” invites you not just into food, but into a fun-filled and unique experience. Orders for Red Dogs, Yankee Dogs, and Walk a Dogs are called out with passion and pride. I’ve even ordered things there just for the fun of saying names like Ring One or Joe-ree. The Varsity beckons us in for the experience—this is what sets it apart. Shared experiences, shared lingo, and shared stories are all ways to bond. And bonding helps to create common ground. Where there's common ground, roots can grow deep. Think about it: what are some groups and teams you've been a part of that were the most fun? What stands out about them? What made them fun?

Now think about those groups that were just downright painful to be involved in—groups that made you wish the stomach flu made it to your side of town just so you'd have an “out.” What's the difference between the two? Part of it probably has to do with connection…or the lack thereof. Common ground builds connection.

The cool thing is that when you don’t have a natural connection, there's still hope. You can build connection. As a small group leader you have the opportunity to look for ways to leverage fun-filled shared experiences. Step outside the box a little bit. Here are a few things to get you thinking:

Begin and end relationally. Try a social night with games. Create opportunities for laughter. Use Soularium Cards. Follow up on prayer requests midweek. Celebrate milestones (birthdays, anniversaries, promotions). Explore Atlanta.

Remember: it’s all about connecting!

What are some ways you and your group have bonded?

Further Reading: Everyone Communicates, Few Connect by John C. Maxwell

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