Starting a New Group? This Is For You.


If you're starting a new group this month, we have a brand new resource to help you start your group off on the right foot. It's called Circle Up,

If you've led groups in the past, you probably used the 8-week study called Community to set expectations and get your group headed in the right direction. In Circle Up, we've tried to keep what worked in Community, but address opportunities for improvement as well as incorporate all of the things we've learned about group life in the five years since Community was first published.

It's a 4-week study that casts vision for what can happen in your group, explores how authentic community contributes to spiritual growth, and urges every member to share ownership in the group so that you can maximize the potential of your time together.

And the best part? The video content for Circle Up is free on the Anthology app, so it's easy to access on your smartphone, tablet, or smart TV.