Ending Your Group? You Got This.

Photo by  sydney Rae  on  Unsplash

Photo by sydney Rae on Unsplash

Are you getting ready to start a new group later this month? If so, you may be stressing out over the end of your current group.

There's a lot for a leader to navigate when their group is coming to an end. It can be an emotional experience for everyone in the group. Some group members may even be resistant. It can also be a lot of work making sure everyone stays in community . . . especially the group members who are moving on to a group led by someone else. And if you have an apprentice that will be leading a group for the first time, it will probably require a lot of encouragement and help from you as they transition into leadership. So, during this busy season, we want to take a moment to encourage you.

You got this.

Everything may not go as planned (in fact, it's likely you'll be met with some surprises along the way). But you're doing a good work. Remember that.

Ending this group and reshuffling the makeup of the community your group has built together is a next step in the spiritual growth of everyone in the group. As the people in your group begin to build new authentic community with new people, they'll take with them what they've learned and experienced in your group. You've given them a foundation to build upon, and that means their next group will offer them new ways to grow spiritually as they fill new roles in that group.

But most of all, remember this: By ending this group and beginning a new one, you are creating a place to connect for people who aren't currently in community but need to be. That's a big, big deal. Inviting new people to come and experience authentic community and spiritual growth is one of the primary ways that you grow as a leader.

If you adopt that mentality, it transforms group from something you do for a couple of hours every week to your personal ministry—your way of partnering with God to grow his kingdom by investing in others' lives.

So, ending your group well isn't easy. But it's worth the effort. For more information on ending well, check out this video: