You Inspire Groups All Over the World

Small group leaders are the force behind re:group

Andy Stanley said, “The church doesn’t happen in rows, it happens in circles,” and nobody knows that better than YOU. As small group leaders, you know the importance of connecting relationally, building community, and the significant impact our Groups ministry plays in the role of the church. 

On May 7th and 8th, North Point Community Church had the opportunity to host over 1,200 church leaders for our conference, re:group 2018. In over 30 breakout sessions and three main sessions, our North Point Groups staff shared our vision and strategy, answered questions, presented ideas, and offered practical information to our wide-eyed attendees. The conference was two days of non-stop excitement that left us encouraged and hopeful about what might come next for these churches and their own small group communities.

That said, without you, we could not have hosted this conference and poured into these church leaders in the manner and depth that we were able. Your experiences, your feedback, and your willingness to invest in others and to work through challenges are what bring us to work each day. It’s YOU who shapes our communities and allows us to share it with others who want to do the same. The impact you make in those lives will never be accurately measured, but know that it’s a significant one that will have everlasting effects, and we are grateful. 

Here’s a video that recaps re:group 2018 and the experiences that will inevitably affect thousands of lives around the world.  Life is certainly better connected.