As You End, Reflect and Celebrate

Photo by  Ryan Wong  on  Unsplash

Photo by Ryan Wong on Unsplash

I love firsts. The first sip of a soda, the first bite of dessert, the first one in line—there’s just something about the start of something that excites me.

But I have a friend who prefers to be last. Not that she’s trying hard to be a servant; she just loves the end of things. She loves the end of the movie when the guy gets the girl or wins the game. She gets a kick out of finishing up a project. And she even plans her last bite of really good meals to end on the best flavors.

Even though I don’t always love the end of things, I've come to understand something that my friend has known all along: The end matters.

The way an experience ends has a significant impact on how we remember it. Science even says so. (You can read more it here.) And we don’t want you to miss this if your group will be coming to an end soon. 

We created a resource because we believe ending your group on a high note is crucial.

Ending Well has two videos to help you lead through the end of your group. 

Video 1 can be played 6 to 8 weeks before your group is scheduled to end. I know it feels like you’ve got some time before you need to start thinking about the end, but it’ll be here sooner than you think . . . and sooner than your group realizes! 

So, the first video helps the group understand why ending is important. And then it gives you a chance to talk about what it looks like to end well.

This conversation will give your group a purpose for the last few meetings and a way to walk through those meetings together.

Video 2 should be played at your last meeting. This session will give you an opportunity to look back at what you’ve experienced together, and celebrate. As the leader, you’ve been helping everyone connect relationally and, through those connections, grow spiritually. And now it’s time to celebrate what God has done.

You can check out more resources for ending well here: