Don't Forget to Treat Yourselves


Recently I’ve been obsessed with cute baby animals on Instagram. I mean, the things they do and those little faces are hard not to love.

I remember when I first got my puppy. She was so tiny and adorable, but also a lot of work. She had trouble recognizing when I called her name, but when I did and she turned her head or walked my way she got a treat. When she sat after I did the “sit down” motion with my hand? Treat. When she learned to “shake,” “play dead,” and “roll over” as she grew up? Treats, treats, and more treats!

Which, it turns out, is a pretty great way for us to learn too.

Celebrating change is one of the best things your group can do as you all grow spiritually and relationally. In fact, it’s one of the most important things your group can do as you grow as a group.

You see, life happens and there will be triumphs and defeats that you walk through as a group. The great thing about small group is the opportunity to create a space to encourage and celebrate each other, no matter the circumstance. Having such a space will be  essential for building the life-giving community that God desires for us.

Just like it took my tiny and adorable puppy time to recognize her name and learn tricks, the same may be true for you and your group. In light of that, the life change that God will create in you and your group members through celebrating change will be far more savory and delightful than any other treat!

If you notice that your group has a hard time celebrating change in each others' lives, you might want to consider doing this study together:

John Ortberg’s Life-Giving Community will challenge and encourage you and your group to grow within your relationships by being transparent and willing to explore the paths to authentic relationships